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Up and down the country, schools and colleges are embracing the information revolution and we think it’s time they got some recognition for the amazing work they’re doing! So much innovation goes uncelebrated and there’s no way to find out what pupils across Britain think of how their digital world is evolving.

But we’re setting out to change that. Generation Tech is the UK’s first state-of-the-nation review of the vital role that technology plays in education. It’s the most ambitious listening exercise ever conducted to understand how technology is shaping education, shining a light on the best examples and getting students and teachers excited about the future.

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The Big Digital Question

Schools across the country have been invited by Richard Branson and Virgin Media Business to share how technology is supporting learning and helping to shape the futures of their pupils.

They’ve been asked to submit videos, podcasts, images, stories or poems to show how they’re using technology and about their aspirations for its future in the classroom.

All their submissions are included right here, so take a look at the Big Digital Question page to see what they think.

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The Big Debate

It doesn’t end there. We’re founding a Digital Youth Council to give young people a voice on digital issues affecting their learning. Secondary schools and colleges are being asked to spot their future tech stars, this is your chance to put them forward as a member of the Council.

This tech-savvy Council will then continue to play a part in setting the UK’s digital agenda, taking part in The Big Debate: a high profile roundtable with education experts at the start of the next school year. This will be followed by a series of virtual meetings (using technology, of course!) to help us stay in touch with the views and ambitions of young people.

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